Lessons and workshops

I offer private one-to-one and group singing lessons, both in person and online, as well as singing workshops for corporate groups. I also teach classical piano to beginners and intermediate-level, composition basics, and songwriting.


Beginner piano lessons can be the most exciting, creative, and engaging lessons one can teach. I use it as a chance to help a student form a life-long passion for music and piano.

Activities I introduce in the lessons will help beginner piano students to:

  • Set up with the basics of technique, sitting position, and knowledge of the keyboard.
  • Immersed in creative music-making activities.
  • Ensure they are challenged to explore music and be curious about how it works.
  • Understand the fundamentals of meter, rhythm, beat, and time and feel it in their bodies.
  • Improve listening abilities and sight-reading.
  • Learn a wide variety of musical pieces and stimulate improvisational skills.


Training the singer incorporates much more than mere vocal and technical proficiency; the complete singer is also an effective communicator and a consummate musician. In my lessons, I seek to guide the student and help them consolidate the essence of artistry and expression as a singing musician.

To achieve that in my lessons I work on:

  • Exploring the connection between breath, voice, and emotion.
  • The release of old patterns (breathing, body posture, false beliefs of one’s voice) that can limit free voice production. 
  • Work on body awareness and understanding of the instrument.
  • Mental alertness through ear training.
  • Finding students authentic sound and own expressive power.
  • Setting out goals: understanding the student’s level of ambition and making a concrete plan for realisation.


Music-making (composing, improvising, performing, listening) is a fundamental vehicle for human expression, taking on a myriad of forms in different times and places.  

The deepening of one’s understanding of music is one of the main goals of these lessons. They are designed to improve access to musical creativity, by providing and enhancing tools and techniques for students who demonstrate an aptitude for creative thinking and expression through music composition.

Whatever your experience and whatever your goals, coaching is all about helping you refine your creative process, understand more about how songs work and making you the best and most confident songwriter you can be.

If you’re a beginner, that means working through your first few songs with you step by step so you can master the basics and build some confidence. If you’re an intermediate songwriter it means focusing on the skills and projects you need to work on to level up. And if you’re an experienced songwriter it means giving you the pro feedback, encouragement and motivation to keep you writing at your absolute best.


Songwriting coaching is about helping a student to refine own creative process, getting tools to understand how songs work, becoming the confident songwriter

This lessons are suitable for all levels: beginners, that are working through their first few songs, as well as an intermediate songwriters fine tuning their skills and leveling up the projects they are working on. Experienced songwriters can as well get the pro feedback, encouragement and motivation for keeping their writing at their absolute best.

This lessons cover a wide range of songwriting techniques, that can lead to:

  • Developing an awareness of song structures, lyrical content and musical composition
  • Learning how lyrics and music can work together
  • Creating a complete songs, with lyrics and melody, to be performed
  • Explore song themes and learn how to draw inspiration from situations and surroundings.


Please get in touch for more information about lessons or workshops.